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INVITE Dianne to speak to your service organization, employees, or church group.

Topics include:

The Mandate of Creating Legacy
"I was here, and it matters!" Very few people are aware of the developmental stage that prompts us, in our final decades, to review our lives. Even fewer know how to begin the process of life review and of leaving a legacy for future generations. The process of creating life stories brings great satisfaction to an aging loved one.

We all want to be remembered for our values and those things we truly care about. Very likely, it's even more important than the material possessions we leave in our will. We can either create our own legacy or settle for a legacy by default. The latter is sometimes inaccurate, since our family or friends must tell our story using their best guess, memories, or the photos and belongings we've left.

"Each time a person dies, a library has closed".* Too often, critical family history disappears with the death of a loved one. Help someone create their legacy, and consider starting your own as well. 

The Sandwich Generation: Squeezed, Spread Thin, and Satisfied
Family caregivers provide 80% of unpaid personal and medical-related care to aging relatives. Juggling a job and caring for a loved ones takes its toll, but most wouldn't have it any other way. The key is getting support when you need it to maintain your health. If you're spread too thin and feeling the squeeze, let us help you access the resources you need.

Creating Consensus Among Generations
Whether you're an adult son, daughter, or friend, financial planner or realtor, you may be facing challenges when communicating with an aging adult. And he / she is feeling the same frustration. Are you experiencing resistance with plans for the future or for safety and wellbeing? Then it's time for a new approach to talking and listening. How to get beyond conflict to pleasant and productive communication.