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When Simplifying Isn't So Simple

"Where do I start?" When a project is overwhelming we don't. Start, that is.  

Downsizing, or simplifying our home is daunting enough when we have the luxury of time. But when there's a deadline--say, an upcoming move--it can be darn right paralyzing.
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But I Might Need It Someday...and other excuses to hang on to stuff
We dread starting a cleaning project but we delight in the bright, pristine surfaces afterward. It's not easy to keep horizontal surfaces free and clear of clutter. 
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A  N E W  S P A C E:

Preparing to move or to organize your home? We'll demystify the process by breaking your project down into manageable parts. We assist as you decide what to keep or donate. You’ll be motivated by immediate, visible results, and amazed at how well the process can go with our support. With Dianne's experience in a variety of moves,

A New Day is your best resource.

On larger projects, we bring other professionals and helpers on board as needed. We're happy to be your liaison with the services relating to the move and the set-up of your new home. We refer our trusted colleagues to provide appraisals, estate sales, and liquidating services.