What is a Certified Senior Advisor?

A CSA is a professional who has knowledge about aging and the important health, financial and social issues that affect the majority of seniors. All candidates for the CSA designation must meet eligibility requirements established by the SCSA Certification Council, and independent body that oversees the development and administration of the CSA exam and designation program. 

These requirements include:

  • Education about senior issues and experience working with seniors
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass the CSA designation exam 
  • Pass the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility & Ethics exam
  • Qualify for recertification by earning additional credits annually    

Dianne Fazio, CSA
Certified Senior Advisor

A NEW DAY Senior Options LLC

Whether you're inquiring for yourself, a parent, spouse, or other loved one, do contact Dianne for a consultation.

About Dianne

Since her first career as a high school teacher, Dianne has continued her love of educating--most recently on behalf of aging adults. Through her positions in marketing and communications, she educated the public about Independent, Assisted Living, Rehab, Nursing and Home Care. She has led numerous presentations and published articles on topics of interest to seniors.

In founding A NEW DAY Senior Options in 2012, Dianne fulfilled her desire to work directly with aging adults and their families. She loves connecting them with the best professionals and providers for unique needs. With over sixteen years' experience in the field of senior care, she is well acquainted with the local resources available to aging adults. Dianne is known for her integrity, compassion, and professionalism. 

Dianne has been a Certified Senior Advisor since 2009 and has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maine Orono. She has earned continuing credits over the past twelve years in the field of gerontology, and training in dementia care. She volunteered in assisted living and nursing homes for over  11 years. She is bilingual (French-English).